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Special beer, brewed and bottled in the coach house of Castle Staverden

India pale ale

Uddelaer India Pale Ale is an Imperial IPA, in which hop aroma and hop bitterness predominate. The alcohol percentage (8.5%) is nicely balanced with the bitterness. During the fermentation process Citra-hops are added, which gives it its characteristic aroma. The beer is golden-blond and has a firm head.

It is a favourite with spicy dishes such as soup, pizza, goulash and meat. And as a surprise: delicious with kale.

IPA 4.0

A Session India Pale Ale, 4% alcohol and with a pronounced hop character. The right ratio of Amarillo hops to alcohol creates the ideal hop bitterness. IPA 4.0 is yellow-gold in colour and has a nice head. 

A versatile beer: with a light lunch of soup or chicken, but also with pizza, BBQ meat and kale.


The character of Uddelaer Tripel is largely determined by the use of a specific Belgian yeast. During tastings in our brewery, a multitude of aromas and taste associations are experienced.

Uddelaer Tripel tastes good with meat dishes such as steak, minced meat or chilli con carne. Uddelaer Tripel is also appreciated with spicy dishes from Asian cuisine.


Uddelaer Pilsner is a bottom-fermenting beer with more taste and aroma than other Pilsner beers. Bottom-fermenting means fermentation at 12o C. This is much lower than with other Uddelaer speciality beers. Maturing (lagering) takes longer than with top-fermenting beers. Ideal as a thirst-quencher in summer temperatures and after physical exertion.


Half of the malt used in brewing Uddelaer Witbier is wheat malt. This explains the characteristic cloudiness. The pleasant freshness is achieved by adding coriander and orange peel. Uddelaer Witbier has a slightly bitter aftertaste and is the ideal thirst-quencher on hot summer days.

 In combination with fish and chicken dishes it is a hit. And, as a surprise, also with sauerkraut!


Uddelaer Blond is, just like the Tripel, brewed with a Belgian yeast. As a 'Trappist' beer, with many aroma and taste associations, it is a very popular speciality beer. With an alcohol percentage of 6.5%, it is a medium-heavy beer.

Delicious with fried potatoes and a meatball or hamburger. But Uddelaer Blond is also highly recommended for lunch with fish, chicken or pasta.

Dubbel Bock

Uddelaer Dubbel Bock has an alcohol content of 7.5. The yeast used works at a higher temperature than in the original Bock beers. The dark coloured beer shows a beautiful deep red glow. The characteristic light-sweet caramel taste is nicely balanced by the bitterness of the Herkules hops used. 

 Tastes great with stew, game, spicy dishes and old cheese.


Uddelaer Meibock is a beautiful spring beer in our collection. Full of flavour with a slightly sweet aftertaste. With an alcohol percentage of 7% and the use of German hops, this Meibock has a soft but firm bitterness.

 Goes well with BBQ, spicy chicken dishes, lamb and sweet curry. And also with many types of cheese or quiche pie with chorizo.


Rich in flavour! Low-alcohol beer with 1% alcohol. Good substitute for Pilsner or Witbier. Good for a long drink and thirst-quenching. Pairs well with light dishes such as salads, rice, chicken, shellfish and white fish. Also delicious with mozzarella and new cheese.

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