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Uddelaer peptan® sport bier
Fitter, stronger, healthier

Uddelaer Peptan® Sportbier quenches thirst, provides a fresh, energetic feeling and promotes rapid recovery of tired muscles. In short, the ideal replacement for soft drinks and sweet sports drinks.

Protein is made up of smaller units called amino acids. There are 20 different amino acids in your body and they play a role in many different processes. Some of these amino acids can be synthesised by the body, but you have to obtain the 'ingredients' for some of them from food. These are the so-called 'essential amino acids'.

Drinking Uddelaer Peptan® Sportbier provides:

Additional energy

Uddelaer Peptan® Sportbier contains a high concentration of specific amino acids that are involved in the supply of energy and metabolism (supply of nutrients and removal of waste products). This is why drinking Uddelaer Peptan® Sportbier can improve performance during heavy exercise.

Preventing injuries

In a large-scale study of several athletes who took a mix of Peptan® collagen peptides, BCAA and arginine over a two-year period, reduced tendon, ligament and muscle injuries were experienced. The supplements also played a beneficial role in injury prevention and tissue repair.

Muscle recovery from exercise

One of the processes in which amino acids play an important role, is muscle recovery. Because when you exercise intensively, muscles can be damaged. Long periods of exertion cause protein loss in the muscle as a result of oxidation. Luckily your body can repair this itself. You need amino acids for this: these are a kind of 'building blocks' for your muscles. You also need carbohydrates to give your body enough energy to transport the amino acids to the right place. 

When you exercise a lot, it is smart to take in some extra protein so that your muscle tissue can be properly maintained. Exactly how much protein you need differs from person to person, and also depends on height and age.

Protection of connective tissue

Many popular sports, such as running and cycling, involve repetitive, powerful movements. These can result in excessive strain on joints and even damage to cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Collagen is a glue-forming protein that is a very important part of the connective tissue in the bodies of humans and animals. It provides strength. Our joints, bones, muscles, hair and nails consist of collagen. Collagen also ensures the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Improving performance during exercise

Peptan collagen peptides is a pure, concentrated source of high quality natural protein. Peptan consists of 20% glycine and 8% arginine and may support the synthesis of creatine in the body, which may improve performance during short intense efforts. Creatine is a molecule that can help with muscle contraction during periods of intense training, while also helping to maintain ATP levels. Human muscle function depends on the energy produced by the breakdown of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in our cells.

Keeping body weight under control

Peptan® produces a satiating effect and is more effective than standard dairy proteins. A 2009 study showed the improved satiating effect of collagen peptides on humans compared to other proteins. 
Peptan® (collagen peptides) is pure protein. As Brouwerij De Uddelaer, we are allowed to use the term 'High Protein' because 21.55% of the energy content of a 330ml can of Uddelaer Peptan® Sport Beer comes from the ingredient Peptan.

Uddelaer Peptan® Sportbier has an isotonic effect in addition to its authentic wheat beer taste. Isotonic means that the distribution of solid and liquid elements corresponds to the composition of the blood. This enables the body, for example after intensive exercise, to absorb the valuable nutrients.

Peptan sports nutrition recovery

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